New Merch for 2021!

ZenAquaria sells its merch through our Teespring store.

Betta fish are one of my all-time favorite tropical fish, so I couldn’t resist designing some t-shirts and other gear with bettas on them.

One of my favorite designs is this flaring betta fish:

Flaring Betta Fish T-Shirt

I think the shirt perfectly captures the feisty attitude that many of our betta fish have.

Another favorite design of mine is a colorful geometric betta fish:

Geometric and colorful betta fish shirt.

In addition to t-shirts, I also created a special design for a tea or coffee mug:

Betta fish coffee mug

This mug was inspired by retro pixel art (think 8-bit video games), which I love.

To order your t-shirt or merch, visit ZenAquaria’s Teespring Store Here.

More designs will be added as inspiration strikes.

Stay zen, my friends.

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