What’s going on fish people, I’m Kevin and I have an addiction to aquariums (I’m not really kidding).

The aquarium hobby encompasses an almost infinite number of species, including
fish, plants, and invertebrates, with new species discovered every year.

I am not an expert in any one category, but I am an avid enthusiast who believes that the aquarium hobby benefits people in ways that go unrecognized.

ZenAquaria is my attempt to highlight and cultivate the relaxation or peacefulness created by a well cared for aquarium. Such aquariums can truly become an escape from the frantic digital world we live in today.

I believe fish keeping offers some needed rest from the “digital life” and provides a connection to nature that many of us crave.

There is a timeless peacefulness that is felt when observing fish in a well cared for aquarium, and I hope this blog helps people create their own zen aquaria at home.

ZenAquaria is about finding small tank bliss and currently focuses on betta fish, but its content and resources will expand as I research and write about new topics.

In the meantime, I hope you will help me make ZenAquaria a vibrant community of fish keepers and aquarists.

3 of My Favorite Fish

Betta Fish

Betta fish or Siamese fighting fish were a favorite of mine as youngster. Their bright colors and curious personalities fascinated me.

Back then, bettas were the most colorful fish in any pet store around town.

I loved dropping live bloodworms into my betta’s tank and watching him attack the worms like a shark.

Then school got in the way and I lost touch with fish keeping for a few years.

Today, I again find myself drawn to the incredible betta fish.

And now, new types of betta fish are entering the aquarium hobby.

Not only have new fin types been developed, but other species of betta fish are being bred and cared for by aquarists.

It”s a pretty cool time to be an aquarist.

Leopard Ctenopomas

The Leopard Ctenopoma or Leopard Bush Fish is (in my opinion) seriously underrated. This fish has a ton of personality, often coming out from behind drift wood or a plant to gaze at you with a gigantic eyeball.

With spots covering their body, Leopard Ctenopoma’s are showstoppers.

I purchased my Leopard Ctenopoma at a local fish store. At the time, my fish was about the size of a female betta fish.

Information about the Leopard Ctenopoma was difficult to find, but I discovered that the fish is an ambush predator, meaning Leopard Ctenopoma’s will sit still or hide, and then rush out and grab unsuspecting prey.

Leopard Ctenopoma’s are also anabantoids, meaning they possessive a labyrinth organ that allows the fish to breath atmospheric air, like a betta fish.

Watching a Leapard Ctenopoma “hunt” it’s food (try bloodworms) is a blast.

Bristlenose Catfishes (Plecos)

The bristlenose pleco or bushynose pleco belongs to a family of armored catfish but is commonly referred to as a suckerfish or plecostomus (pleco).

These fish are great algae eaters and fun to watch when they are not hiding.

Brislenose plecos are named for the fleshy tentacles found on the heads of adult males. This gives the pleco an alien like look, and “cool” factor of 10/10.

While nocturnal, these fish can be brought out by feeding algae wafers.

Bristlenose plecos make great tankmates for a variety of fish, including betta fish, and do not grow as large as common plecos.

Enlightened Fish Keeping

Fish keeping is a true joy for me and I could go on and on about all kinds of different fish.

The excitement of discovery and the relaxation provided by a well cared for tank is why I created ZenAquaria.

With an immense amount of fish and plants yet to be discovered, the aquarium hobby truly offers adventure for the curious.

And sharing what we learn is part of the fun.

I look forward to hearing about your fish keeping stories and experiences.

Shoot me an email if you feel inspired.

Stay zen fish keepers.